A New Premier Inn for Keswick

Revised plans for High Hill

Premier Inn

Premcor and Whitbread have submitted revised plans for a new Premier Inn hotel on High Hill in Keswick.  This website tells you more about the revised design, what a new Premier Inn hotel will bring to Keswick and provides links to the planning application documents.

Computer generated image showing the proposed hotel from High Hill


Premcor and its development partner Whitbread have submitted revised plans to the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) for a 71-bedroom Premier Inn hotel on the site of the former Ravensfield Residential Care Home on High Hill, Keswick. The site is currently unused and unsightly and within walking distance of Keswick town centre. 

Premcor is proposing to invest £6 million to create a new Premier Inn, which will provide a new positive long-term use for the site, as well as creating 30 new permanent jobs and contributing towards Keswick’s visitor economy throughout the year.

Revised design

A revised design of the proposed hotel has been produced in response to feedback from the community, local stakeholders and the LDNPA since the initial planning application was submitted in February 2020. We have been liaising closely with planning officers at the LDNPA, and other statutory bodies, to ensure the new design responds to the constraints of the site and are of the highest quality.

The updated design is a result of this engagement and the changes include:

  • Redesigning the front and rear elevations of the hotel building
  • Lowering the building at the front and the rear
  • Reducing the scale of the building to three storeys throughout
  • Introducing a greater mix of materials including sections of Lakeland stone, render, slate and sections of metal seam cladding
  • Reconfigured car park design

As a result of the design refresh the proposed hotel building is only 75cm higher than the care home scheme that was granted planning permission in 2014. Read more about the changes we have made to the proposed design here.

Benefits to Keswick

A new Premier Inn in Keswick would bring a number of benefits. These include:

  • An investment of £6 million to redevelop a site that is in need of investment and a new active use
  • Approximately £1.8 million / year in visitor spending from Premier Inn guests
  • 30 new permanent jobs on opening with recruitment focused locally
  • Approximately 60 FTE jobs created during construction
  • Bringing a new type of overnight accommodation which is not currently available in Keswick

More information about the benefits above are included on the FAQ page which you can view by clicking here.

What happens next?

Planning officers at the LDNPA are undertaking a consultation on the revised design. You can view the updated designs and comment on the planning application by visiting the planning pages of the LDNPA website here. The planning application reference is 7/2020/2039.


If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about our plans please contact: 

James Anderson on 07850 944798 or james.anderson@whitbread.com; or

Michael Clare on 07867 163 415 or michael.clare@turley.co.uk

View from High Hill (Towards the town centre)

Sketch of the proposed Premier Inn viewed facing north from High Hill

Premier Inn